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One of the world’s main news was the death of the colonel Muammar Gaddafi, who was killed on the 20th of October, when he tried to escape from his native city of Sirte. The Colonel's relatives are going to sue at law, accusing NATO of the deliberate killing and of the ill-treatment of prisoners. According to the lawyer of the family, the actions of the international organizations can be qualified as a war crime. UN demands to investigate the circumstances of the death of al-Gaddafi said.

Meanwhile the situation in the region continues to be very complicated. The armed conflicts between forces of the Transitional national council of Libya, who participated in the overthrow of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, broke out in 30 km to the west of Tripoli. As reported by the Libyan newspaper "New Kurine", clashes between the "revolutionaries" of the city Az-Zaviy and of the region of El-Maya began on Thursday’s evening and lasted till Friday.

It is reported that Nigeria granted asylum to the son of Gaddafi. It should be noted, however, that the motives for such a decision were rather simple. The president of the country, who is on a visit in South Africa at the present moment, confessed that they had agreed to offer Saadi Gaddafi asylum on humanitarian grounds. The other son of the Libyan leader, Seif Al-Islam, is not currently on the territory of the Nigeria.

The President of Nigeria said that he would give one of the sons of Colonel Gaddafi - Saadi, entering the country in August 2011, the status of refugee. At the end of September Interpol issued a warrant for the arrest of Saadi Gaddafi. This happened after the request of the Libyan authorities that accused the son of the former Libyan leader colonel Gaddafi in the embezzlement of another person’s property by force or under the threat of arms, when he headed the Football federation of Libya.

Irans nuclear program  How is it going to end?

For many years, the problem of Iran’s nuclear program has sought the attention of world leaders and in particular of the nuclear powers, whether signatory or not, to the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty. It has constantly aroused a lot of political activity around itself. The international issue falls into a crisis stage from time to time and most definitely promises to be a headline on a regular basis for some time to come. The issue is almost central to the nuclear NPT as the fate of the same depends on the outcome of Iran’s persistence and adamancy. It is extremely political in nature as many countries are involved in trying to prevent Iran from having its program while Iran refuses to budge. Most of the apprehensions about Iran’s nuclear program stem from the fact that eventually, Iran will go the North Korea way. If and so anything like this happens, it will prove to be a huge blow to the treaty.

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