> Libya flashes with Kaddafi

Libya flashes with Kaddafi

Libyan the pilot of military-air forces (the fourth on the right) goes near to it Mirage F1 a fighter after a landing at the international airport of Malta Valetteis out of yesterday. Two Libyan fighter pilots Defected also has departed their streams to Malta where they have told the authorities they have obtained the order to bomb the protesting.

ripoli: the Libyan leader Muammar Kaddafi struggled for bloody fights to hang up on the power yesterday when antigovernmental protests against its board, 41-year-old to strike to capital Tripoli after several days of violence in the east.
According to inhabitants, shooting in parts of Tripoli and one politician has told military planes bombed a city.
Forces, true Kaddafi have been killed tens people on all country, human groups on protection of the rights and witnesses has told that has caused wide condemnation from the foreign states.

There is no independent check of reports was accessible, and references to Libya it was from outside difficult.
But it was found out that a photo has offered a survival of the leader which prospers on the world scene throughout decades and control huge stocks of oil were in danger.

"It is impossible for itself to present that we observe today. Military planes and helicopters without analysis of bombardment of one area for another. Is much, a lot of dead," Adele Mohamed Saleh was declared on the TV channel air "by Al-Dzhazira." Any who moves even if they are in their car, they will be to strike you."

Two Libyan fighters has landed on Malta, and their pilots to run after they have obtained the order to bomb protesting, Maltese officials.
The London analyst of consulting firm Control Risks has told has informed air strikes, has declared that the end is close
For Kaddafi. "It is valid, apparently, at last, desperate acts. If you bombardments of their own capital, it is really difficult to understand it, how it is possible to survive", its Near East anaylst Zhjulen
Barns-Dejsi has told.
"We don't know that occurs, all of us we hear are casual shots from a gun", one of inhabitants has told, Tripoli. Demonstrations have extended on capital Mediterranean sea after several cities in the east of the country, including Bengasi, have appeared will decrease to opposition, agree accounts of residents.

To human rights Hours, at least 233 persons have been killed within five days of violence, but oppositional groups, figure much above.
Building in which the General national congress, or the parliament, meets in Tripoli there was on fire, yesterday, a police station in east suburb, according to witnesses.

Al-Dzhazira quotes medical sources as speak 61 persons have been killed in last protest actions in Tripoli.
She has told, a safety force was robberies of banks and other government agencies in Tripoli. One of sons of Kaddafi has told the veteran the leader will struggle before revolt by "last person standing". But the coalition Libyan Muslim religious leaders has told all the debt to rise against the Libyan management because of it "bloody crimes against humanity". Some analysts believe that Libya was in a direction of civil war.

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