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Revolution in Egypt

2011 Egyptian revolutions have occurred after popular uprising which has begun on January, 25th 2011. Revolt the core of a nonviolence of campaign of civil resistance which have shown a number of demonstrations, processions, civil disobedience and strikes. Millions protesting from various social and economic and religious features, has demanded overthrow of a mode of the president of Egypt Hosny Mubarak. Despite basically peace character, revolution was not without fierce collisions between a safety force and demonstrators. Revolt has occurred in Cairo, Alexandria and other cities of Egypt, Tunis after revolution that saw overthrow long-president Tunis. On February, 11th after several weeks it is defined people of the protest and pressure, Mubarak in resignation.

Complaints of the Egyptian protesting have been concentrated on legal and political problems, including cruelty of police, state of emergency of laws, absence of free elections and a freedom of speech, uncontrollable corruption and economic problems, including a high rate of unemployment, inflation, the prices for foodstuff and a low minimum salary. Primary demands from organizers of the protest there was to the end of a mode of Hosny Mubarak and the end a law on state of emergency, freedom, justice, not military men the government to answer and tell in resource management in Egypt. Strikes of trade unions additional pressure upon government officials.

Existed to 840 victims and more than 6000 have got wounds. Capital Cairo, Suez has been described as "a zone of military operations" and a seaport, was arena of frequent collisions. The government has entered a curfew, protesting under doubt, and that police and military men aren't applied. Presence of the central policeman of the Egyptian safety force loyally to Mubarak, has been gradually replaced the core constrained armies. For lack of police, there were no the robberies made by gangs that oppositional sources have informed, has been begun in the civilian. In reply to these hours groups of civilians for protection of vicinities have been organized.

On February, 11th vice-president Omar Sulejman has declared that Mubarak will leave from the post as the president and to include a food of the Supreme body of armed forces. The junta led by effective head of the state Mohamed Hussein Tantaui, declared on February, 13th that the constitution will be suspended, both chambers of parliament is dismissed, and that military men will correct within six months to elections can to be spent. To the cabinet, including prime minister Ahmed Shafik, will be and to serve henceforth as provisional government, while the new form. Shafic, has resigned on March, 3rd, a day before the basic protest to force it to retire have been planned, it has been replaced by Essam Sharaf, the former minister of transport.

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