> The Asian games of 2011 to Kazakhstan

The Asian games of 2011 to Kazakhstan

The seventh winter Asian games has begun with impressing opening ceremonies in two big cities of Republic Kazakhstan in Astana and Almaty. Opening ceremony has taken place in recently constructed 30000 places to arena in capital Astana. A show Curtain-educational has begun with competition on the basis of the traditional epos Kazakh - it is accompanied an ethnic group of drummers.

More than 1100 competitors from 27 countries and regions will compete on 65 disks in 11 categories for February, 6th. It is improbable that Kazakhstan will preside a medal a table before two regional giants of sports, China and South Korea. But Kazakh the sports authorities say that they hope to win 25 medals, and at least the third place this year. The last Winter Asian games have been spent in 2007 in the city of Changchun in China.

In 2011 of winter Asian games there were many sports actions which now in Astana and Almaty, Kazakhstan which has begun on January, 30th 2011 and has expired on February, 6th, 2011. It was the first time that Kazakhstan has such great occasion from the moment of finding of independence of Soviet Union. Documents for a city hosting has been signed in Kuwait, on March, 4th, 2006.
The mayor of Astana Imangali Tasmagambetov declared include some centers are under construction the Palace of sports which will place to 15.000 spectators, the ski complex to jump, the biathlon stadium and sportsmen of village.

Modernization of existing objects, including modernization of the Central stadium, B.Sholaka the Palace of sports a skating rink of Medeo and Shimbulak Ski Resort. Ski area has been increased five times about present 5 km to 65 km. In 2008 lifting from Medeo a skating rink on a mounting skiing resort of Shymbulak should come to the end, but only in summer of 2010 building has begun and was really under serious pressure of time. ????? the skating rink constructed in 1972, is an open skating rink nearby in a half an hour of driving from Almaty. It is in an environment of mountains Tjan-Shanja.

The Kazakh minister of sports of Temirhan Dosmuhambetov has declared 726 million dollars for building and reconstruction starts with the state budget-2008. The Olympic village will be financed, on the other hand, at the expense of private investors. As a whole, Kazakhstan spends more $1,4 billion dollars for working out its area before game.
Updatings at the airport of Almaty have been finished by December, 2008, transport questions also have been reconsidered. Millions tenge now, intended for reconstruction and building of the basic transport highways, tunnels, ring roads, and also the investment in the light of a railroad line between Talgar, Almaty, Kaskelen. The plan also includes purchase the city passenger bus, a taxi, and, probably, building of underground electric vehicles.

Almaty also modernized the network of substations and electric mains. Expansion and reconstruction of system of heating also was recommended. The group also has received ecological stabilization.

The mayor of Astana Imangali Tasmagambetov declared includes some centers are under construction the Palace of sports which contains to 15,000 spectators, the ski complex to jump, the biathlon stadium and sports village.

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