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> The president of Byelorussia

The president of Byelorussia

Lukashenko, 56, has been selected by the president on December, 19th, has ostensibly won 79,65 % of voices at an appearance of 90,65 %. The western countries have refused to recognize elections, having declared, votings have been forged. Police have cruelly dispersed protest actions of opposition and have arrested six candidates for presidents and more than 600 demonstrators.

In solemn ceremony, Belorussian and intellectual elite members of parliament, diplomats have taken part in the Republic Palace. The first and unique president of Belarus, which EU threatens to forbid entrance to Europe, has come to strengthened by protection of a train with the younger son and has taken the oath in the Belorussian language. At once after ceremony, gala concert.

The president has assured that Belarus has no immunity from a virus of revolution which has swept on some former Soviet republics - Ukraine, Georgia and Kirghizia - in the last some years. These revolutions have been ranked as "color revolutions".
"Color revolution, the virus extends only on the weak countries, Belarus has no a nutrient medium for this purpose", Lukashenko, after inauguration ceremony has told.

Lukashenko has declared that its country has sufficient potential for satisfaction of any current problems. "If someone doubts its choice, excuse bragging, but I will tell that your president your president, and it never will bring", he has told.
Lukashenko has declared that Belarus won't be for political shocks, and has promised that its country will continue close cooperation with the former Soviet republics, including Russia, China, the European union and the United States.
The European parliament on Thursday has accepted the resolution on immediate sanctions against leaders of Belarus the answer to protests of opposition which have followed presidential election.

More than 2500 persons have been invited to ceremonies in the Republic Palace. Leaders of all three branches of the power in Belarus, the Belorussian president of representatives during last elections, members of National meeting, leaders of political parties and public associations of republic, to the religious organizations, and also foreign ambassadors and representatives of the international organizations accredited in Belarus, including. Opening heads of integration associations with membership in Belarus, such as ????, the CIS and Union State of Belarus and Russia, the Euroasian economic community, predictably, will take part.

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